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I found a brown spot on my undershorts a day or two ago. Oh, dear. Did I...? It couldn't be. Am I really ready for Depends?

I looked more closely. It was reddish brown. Orange, actually. In fact, it was rust.

My genitalia are rusting. Damn, I hate getting old.

Helplessly addicted to eBay Barbie. Better bid fast, only 9 hours left in the auction.

My home theater is finally under way. I should have gotten a picture of the basement before the construction started and I didn't. But here's one of the very early stages. The white stuff on walls is a special kind of paint that is supposed to seal out moisture, because it's a basement.

nara(bu), nara(beru),nara(bi), nami
meaning: row, line, rank with, ordinary
並木 == namiki == line of trees
月並 == tsukinami == commonplace
Originally 'standing person' (立) doubled, i.e., a line of standing people. Henshall suggests taking it as a Roman II, and two 'eight's, and as a mnemonic:  'Line up in two rows of eight.'


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