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Celebrity mugshots. Literally. Sometimes I think Warhol's maxim should be altered to, "Everyone will be jailed for 15 minutes." I prefer the older ones. Just wearing that little plate around your neck with your booking number on it makes you look so evil. Or at least properly dissipated and degenerate. Modern style mugshots just look like bad sports cards. Sometimes they really are sports cards.

You know those commercial photographers who will dress you like a porn star and take cheesecake photos of you? I think I'd prefer one who would take a really convincing mugshot of me. With the plate hanging on a chain around my neck. He'd have a make-up artist able to draw bags under my eyes and redden up my cheekbones, hinting that I'd been out on the town doing Really Bad Things That You Secretly Wish You Had The Nerve To Do.

And I'd hang it on my wall, so that guests who came over would see it and whisper, "What was he arrested for?"

And another guest would answer: "Violating the Berne Convention."

It's a credit card that can move faster than the speed of light, plugs into your security camera and gets +2 to kill undead.

I don't go to a lot of movies in theaters. The only two I've seen recently were Spirited Away and Secretary. That's a bad combination for some subconscious imp try to make a crossover between:

Chihiro:    I want a job!
Yubaba:     I have no job to give you. Go away!

Chihiro:    I... I want to be your secretary!


meaning: meat, flesh
肉屋 == nikuya == butcher
牛肉 == gyuniku == beef
Originally a pictograph of a fillet of meat. Henshall suggests remembering this kanji as 'inside' (内) and 'person' (人), and as a mnemonic:  'Inside person there is meat.'

Gamera! Gamera!
Gamera is really neat.
Gamera is filled with meat.
We've been eating Gamera!


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