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IT'S  all about port 6667. 

I fixed the problem with the irc fserve the other night. It wasn't really a problem with router or firewall configuration, as I thought it was going to be. I didn't learn as much about router and firewall config as I thought I was going to. It turned out to be nothing but a stupid firmware bug. Can't be fixed, but I think I've managed to work around it.


It's the Netgear RT314 router. It's a fine little router for home use in most respects, but it has some sort of problem with port 6667 when using irc, or maybe just with mIRC. There are a few references it on the net. Speculation is that the RT314 uses 6667 for some internal purpose. Although the problem has been known for a while, the firmware has never been patched, and now that this model is no longer being carried by Netgear, probably never will be. 

There's not a huge amount of info on the net about this, probably because the problem comes up so rarely. I was using this router for a year without noticing it. You can even use mIRC without noticing it, except that you get occasional disconnects, which many people expect because irc servers *cough*DALnet*cough* tend to be somewht unstable as a rule. It really only becomes an issue when you run an fserve, and that's the minority of irc'ers, and irc'ers are a tiny minority of all router users. 

So. I deliberately connected to the Aniverse on another port, and tried a DCC send and resend. Worked perfectly, for the first time. I set up the fserve, under SysReset 2.51, and it's been up for 36 hours now. No disconnects. Resends work. Problem solved, apparently. The problem was not SysReset, it was *&^%$#@ port 6667. Dammit, don't people know they shouldn't use ports that contain the number of the Beast? I mean, that's just asking for trouble. 

Fine. Now, what to do? Although most irc servers will accept a range of ports for connection, many use 6667 as the default, and mIRC defaults to connecting on that port. Even worse, although you can specify a different default connect port, if the connect fails, the server can request a specific port to connect on, and unfortunately, Aniverse suggests 6667, and mIRC will try to connect on that port, regardless of what the user wants. All you can do is kill the connection and try again, on a non-6667 port. I could write a connect script that will ignore the server's request. But it's probably not worth the trouble, if the connection really stays stable for days. 

In the meantime, although the fserve is running, don't try to connect; dl speeds are crud for some reason, and I wonder whether some script kiddie is hammering on my IP and soaking up bandwidth. I've got the fserve set to finish its queue, and then I'm going to kill and restart the DSL connection to get a new IP from Verizon. Fserve should be back up by late am 10/9.

[later] I did that, and it seemed to help. Fserve running again. Some new stuff on it, Episode 01 of this and that that the digisubbers are just starting to sub, probably from the new Fall TV season. Oh, and the third episode of Princess Tutu is dl'ing now, I won't have a chance to watch it before I go to sleep, but it'll be on the fserve. *-*

o(kiru), o(koru), o(kosu)
meaning: arise, cause
起原 == kigen == origin, beginning
早起き == hayaoki == early rising
Left radical is 'run' (走), right radical was originally a non-General Use character meaning 'serpent', action phonetically to mean 'stop'. Apparently the idea of a serpent 'rearing up' led to the meaning of 'arise'. Henshall suggests taking the right radical as 'thread/self' (己), and as a mnemonic:  'Cause oneself to run.'


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