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Fserve adventure, continued.

FSERVE is still flaky. Without being buttery and delicious.

I'm trying a new fserve script, Invision, which is more stable on my system than Sysreset was, but still can't do resumes (resuming transferring a file to an individual after the original connection was broken). I suspect the problem is in my Netgear RT314 router. I've tried port forwarding, and turning off DHCP and assigning fixed Class C IP's to my PC's, but that doesn't fix the problem. The router does some firewall-like stuff, and I suspect I'll have to turn it off before I can make any progress fixing this problem.

So. I will spend the evening telneting to my router. And probably crashing it several times in the process.

I should be depressed about this. Oddly, I'm not, I'm sort of looking forward to it. One way or another, I'll bet this problem is solvable. And I have a dark suspicion I will be learning far more than I ever wanted to know about routers and firewalls before I'm through. :P

BTW, the world seems very undecided whether the correct verbal '-ing' form of 'telnet' is 'telneting' or 'telnetting'. Google gives about 16k hits for the first form, 20k for the second. Still, I think I prefer the first. The second makes me envision South Seas fishermen, dragging long nets through the balmy seas, retrieving them at the end of the day, and plucking from them thousands of wiggling telephones, which they clean, dress, and sell on the international market.

masa, tada(shii), tada(su)
meaning: correct, proper
正月== shougatsu == New Year
大正 == taishou == Taisho (Era)
Originally a pictogram of the lower leg. Perhaps because the straightness of the tibia (i.e., the shin), this character originally meant 'straight', and its meaning then extended to encompass 'correct'. The folk etymology for this character is that it is 'foot/stop' (止) and a 'bar', indicating 'stopping at the correct place'. This is incorrect, but a useful mnemonic:  'To stop at the line is to do the correct thing.'


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