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FSERVE on IRC is now up, and seems to be working. It's been up since around noon, there have been three or four completed transfers, with no apparent problems. I'm using Sysreset on mIRC for an fserve.

It's only a DSL line, so max uplink speed is going to be around 14-18 kBps, or about three and a half hours for the average 30 minute episode if you're on a broadband connection. I've set the minimum speed to 6 kBps, so that folks on bad modem connections won't be able to tie it up for days at a time. I once saw an fserve, apparently serving to someone on a modem connection, showing an estimated file transfer time of two years. Sorry, verthandi, and anyone else on a modem. See next friends-only message, though.

Current anime available on the fserve includes Princess Tutu 1-2, Tokyo Mew Mew 5-13, Juuni Kokki 1-11, Full Moon wo Sagashite 1-11, 13, Azumanga Daioh 1-18, Witch Hunter Robin 1-13. And that pretty much uses up the 14.4 gig HDD, that seemed so huge when I bought the PC in 1998. >.< I may either get a new HDD, or drop the non-shoujo shows. 

There's one problem with the fserve: if mIRC is logged on to more than one network (both Aniverse and EntertheGame, for example), at the end of a file transfer mIRC will cause a WinSock error and disconnect from the network the transfer took place on. That's annoying. I'm not sure what's doing it. It may, once again, be a NIC driver problem. I tried about every possible setting for the NIC and mIRC and the fserve, and nothing helped much. The only thing that fixes it is to log on to only one network at a time. It's annoying, because digisubbing groups are spread over a couple of different networks, although most of them are on either Aniverse or EntertheGame.

I picked Aniverse, because EntertheGame has been having problems lately, dDOS attacks, it's rumored. Some people blame gamers who have a grudge against anime fans for soaking up their network bandwidth. Who knows. Anyway, the fserve is on Aniverse,, on these channels: #animeone, #animexclusive, #anbudom. Name is Slithy-bot. Trigger, for now, is: /ctcp Slithy-bot gimme anime. (No, don't put a period at the end. Thanks.) Or you can find it by doing a !list, or, on #animeone, @find [part of title of show].

[update, a couple of hours later: I'm still getting disconnects when a transfer fails, and resends aren't always being done correctly. Ack, thpthpth. I've got some options, but I'm going to sit on things for now because the basic functionality is there.]

meaning: plum
 梅 == ume == plum, plum-tree, lowest (of a three-tier ranking system)
梅雲 == baiu/tsuyu == summer rain, rainy season
Left radical is 'tree' (木), right is 'every/each' (毎), which once meant 'fertile growth'. Plums were once associated with fertility, and was a favorite fruit of pregnant women. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Every tree should be a plum tree.'
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