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Final: network card problems

THE Netgear FA310 NIC is performing flawlessly. It looks like the Linksys 100TX was indeed the problem. Oh, my, what a pain that was for a couple of days. It can't be that bad for everyone, or Linksys wouldn't sell any cards, or would have updated the driver. My bet is that it's just a bad interaction between the card, the driver, and the motherboard, a Dell OEM version of Intel's SE440BX motherboard. Except that Win MX OS users also seem to have the same problem, without reference to their motherboards.

I'm going to post something to the Amazon reviews of the card, just to warn off potential buyers. I did read the reviews before I bought the card, and I thought most were positive. I looked through them again, after I started having problems, and noticed more negative ones than I had the first time (doh!), but I don't think any mentioned this particular problem. Most were fairly unhelpful ("I can't get this stupid card to work on my machine."). You can't tell whether the problem was the user or the card.

Lessons? Only two I can think of:

1. Group hardware by age. The FA310 is probably slightly closer in age to the motherboard than the 100TX is.

2. The Netgear FA310 is a really nice, stable card, with nice, mature drivers. Too bad they quit making it, and newer versions of their current workhorse, the FA311, have been getting some bad reviews. Why can't companies just stick with known-good hardware?

And this, I hope, is the last I will have to post on this particular problem, which now seems to be solved. ^^

meaning: cloud
星雲 == seiun == nebula
雨雲 == amagumo == rain cloud
Originally a pictogram of 'billowing vapors'. Top radical is 'rain' (雨). Henshall suggests taking the lower radical as 'two' (二) 'noses', and as a mnemonic:  'Billowing rain clouds look like two noses.'


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