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Suspicious characters

WHO are these guys in this photo from 1978? A hair-metal band? A free-love commune? A Weather Underground splinter group, taking a break from their bomb-making activities?

...if they were selling stock, would you have bought it?


Hint: take a good long look at the guy in the lower left.

props to quonsar for the image

I actually had the opportunity to buy stock in them when they went public in 1986. Foolishly, I didn't. I owned stock in several other companies during that time, which have been utterly forgotten. I'll always kick myself for not buying Microsoft.

sora, kara, a(ku)
meaning: sky, empty
空気 == kuuki == air
空色 == sorairo == sky-blue
Top radical is 'hole' (穴), bottom radical is 'work' (工). Originally indicated work to dig a hole to be covered with a roof to form a dwelling. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Work to open hole in roof to see empty sky.'


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