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Slothfest, yeah!

Ran across this in the weblog of Andrew Sullivan, a gay conservative political writer. He's referring to 'Pridefest', an annual gay/lesbian celebration in my own local metropolis, Philadelphia:

On my way to Philly today for a panel discussion on the gay rights movement. It's part of the most impressive gay-lesbian festival of arts, sports, politics in America. The only problem is that it's called Pridefest. I've always had a problem with the notion of "pride." Yeah, yeah, I know it's better than shame. But do we really have to link a civil rights movement with one of the deadly sins? Can you imagine SlothFest, LustFest, or AngerFest? Actually, come to think of it, they sound kinda fun.

I dunno about EnvyFest and AngerFest, but SlothFest is definitely something I can get into.
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