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FOR the past twelve hours I have been fighting a problem on the mIRC fserve I've been trying to set up. DL'ing via DCC from one particular bot causes W2K to reboot. The download starts, and sometime later, from a second or two up to five minutes, reboot. Very ugly. I've tried everything I can think of to no avail. I've tried that bot from my main PC, and it works fine. The old Dell isn't very complicated, just a video card and a NIC, I've pulled everything else. I've switched out the video card, thinking there might be some sort of conflict, used plain-vanilla VGA drivers, updated the NIC drivers... I'm beginning to think I might have just gotten a bad NIC. It's a Linksys, and I've done Google searches of Usent and the WWW, and I can't find any reports of bad interactions between Linksys NIC's and mIRC. Lots of Linksys router problems. I don't want to think it's a bad NIC, because everyone is quick to blame hardware for software problems, and it's usually not the case, and because other net access seems fine. But just once I got a reboot while I was browsing through the mIRC options, not even dl'ing. It sure looked like a random reboot. Which probably means it's the NIC, because all the other hardware has functioned fine in the past. While one of the video cards might have gone screwy, it's unlikely both of them did simultaneously.

I don't think it's a motherboard problem, because this PC was very stable for years. It might be some sort of bad interaction between an older motherboard and chipset (circa 1997 or 1998) and a newer NIC. Which still would mean I should try a new NIC.

So I've put in a bid on a used Netgear FA310 on eBay. We'll see. Right now, I'm intensely frustrated.

And I really want to episode 02 of Princess Tutu, which A.F.K. just released.

meaning: barrier, connection
関東 == kantou == Kantou area, eastern Japan
関東弁 == kantouben == Kantou dialect
Upper/outer radical is 'gate' (門). Inner radical is derived from a character now only found in Chinese meaning 'thread/weave', and was used phonetically to mean 'crossed pieces of wood', i.e., that barred a gate. Henshall suggests taking the inner radical as 'heaven' (天) and 'away' (八), and as a mnemonic:  'Heaven's gates are impassable barrier: sent away.'


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