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Kodocha Morte

KODOCHA is calling it quits. Kodocha Anime, one of the best known and most reliable anime fansub tape distributors, is closing down operations. Why? Because everything's going digital. 

VHS fansubs, like analog media in general, seem to be disappearing rapidly. Kodocha closing up shop is shocking, they're one of the most prominent fansub distros. Even the Techno-Girls, boutique shoujo fansubbers, who are so meticulous they take 7 years to subtitle a 38 episode show, and have heretofore sneered at digisubs, are now starting to release their fansubs on DVD-R.

It's interesting that the paradigm shift from analog to digital media is cutting through all levels of media, and affecting all players, from George Lucas' massive Star Wars franchise all the way down to ragged-edge outlaw media, "the mice in the walls of global village," like anime fansubs.

Oddly, by chance, today is 秋分, the autumnal equinox. At this time the Greeks honored the goddess of autumn, Carpo, and Carman goddess of poetry.

meaning: autumn
晩秋 == banshuu == late autumn
秋分 == shuubun == autumnal equinox
Left radical is 'rice plant', right is 'fire' (火). Right radical may be phonetic, meaning 'gather', but may also refer to autumn crop fires. Henshall suggests  as a mnemonic:  'Rice plants can get burned in autumn.'


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