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KVM switch

THIS is pretty cool: I'm setting up my old PC, the Dell 400 Mhz machine, to be an IRC fserve, because I want to keep the CPU cycles, disk access, and files off my main PC. I was going to buy a cheapo computer desk and stick it in the corner. Then I discovered the KVM switch.

Until a week or so ago I hadn't even been aware such things existed. A KVM switch allows you to use a single keyboard, monitor ('V') and mouse with multiple PC's, switching back and forth with a couple of keystrokes. It's a sort of alternative to things like PC Anywhere, which allow you to control other PC's over a network. The advantage to a KVM switch is that it's fairly cheap (a Belkin 4 port switch and cables set me back not quite US$100), uses no CPU clocks or network bandwidth, and is completely transparent to the PC's being controlled, and, for that matter, to the user. The downside is that you're limited to only as many PC's as the switch can support, and they have to be within keyboard/mouse/VGA cabling distance, about 25 ft. Right now I'm writing this on RADICAL-EDWARD, my main machine, while JIJI, the old Dell, is formatting its hard disk for NTFS. A couple of keystrokes, and my monitor is now JIJI's monitor, my keyboard is its keyboard, and I can check on how the format is going, and continue with the installation of the OS if JIJI is ready for it.


Not so nice: I have go in to work tonight, when I was supposed to have a day off. I'm not sure what the deal is, but I think someone got sick. I'm not happy.

meaning: spring
小春 == koharu == early autumn, 'Indian Summer'
青春 == seishun == youth
Originally a pictogram showing 'vigorous growth of spring plants' in the sun (日). Henshall suggests taking the top radical as three (三) people (人), and as a mnemonic:  'Three people enjoy the spring sun.'


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