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Me of ancient days

IN the great tradition of publishing embarrassing pictures of yourself to LJ, let me present: Me, age 22. (Sorry that it's black and white, this was a long time ago, color photography hadn't yet been developed. 'Fire' was considered new and exciting technology.)

Note the hair. The concave chest. The hair. The geeky pen. The hair. The bad skin. The hair. The dorky glasses.

Did I mention the hair?


suzu(mu), suzu(shii)
meaning: cool (no, not that kind of 'cool')
夕涼み == yuusuzume == cool of the evening
涼風 == suzukaze == cool breeze
Left radical is the radical form of 'water', right is 'capitol' (京), acting phonetically to express 'cool'. Thus, 'cood water', now meaning simply 'cool'. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Water in capitol is cool.'
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