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No HDTV for you

THE HDTV guy from my cable company (Comcast) came today, and it's no HDTV for me, at least not for now. The HDTV box outputs via RCA jacks, and my planetarium projector has BNC inputs. He didn't come with the right cable. He phoned home to see if they could help. The guy on the other end said that because my projector was more than '2 or 3' years old, it definitely couldn't do HDTV. Sigh. (This is a Sony 1272Q, munchin. It was born in the Age of Titans. It can do 1600x1200 progressive. It eats HDTV's for breakfast.) So an RCA-to-BNC cable is on order, and we'll try again in a week or two.

I just knew the cable company would screw this up. I hate the lowest common denominator, so help me.

meaning: turn, rotate, go around, pass around
言い回し == iimawashi == turn of phrase
回 == kai == 'times', counter for occurances
From a pictogram of rotational motion. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Coaxial rotation.'


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