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I see that One Piece has been picked up by Funimation. Also Tenchi GXP, but I have little interest in Tenchi.

I finally watched the Inu-Yasha dub, and liked it enough to watch more of it. Kagome's VA, Monica Stori, I think, had some rough patches at the beginning, but seemed to firm up by the end. Still, I'll bet verthandi would do better. Like others on raam, I think ole' dog ears himself seemed too high pitched, too young, and not harsh enough. He gets nicer later in the series, but at this point, he's still pretty evil, and ought to sound that way. Kaede addresses Kagome as 'ye' all the time. For god's sake people, no English-speaker ever said 'ye'! 'Y' was used to represent the runic letter 'thorn', Þ, which early typesetters didn't have. It was pronounced 'th'. So 'ye' is actually pronounced 'thee', the objective case of 'thou'. So stop it with 'Ye Olde English Coffee Shoppe' already! and yes, I know, I used 'ye' once in one of my stories. I had a fugue state or something. I suck.

I've been thinking. People who watch fansubs but try to be ethical about it make a commitment to purchase the anime once it becomes available in their country. But what if it is shown on TV? It's being offered free to the consumer, who may legally tape it for his own use, if he wishes. Is it now ethical to own the fansub, without purchasing the show on tape or DVD, because the show's rights owners already broadcast it for free?

In particular, this comes up with Inu-Yasha. Now that I've watched it on TV, may I (ethically) download the fansub without making a commitment to buy the DVD?

This is all over the net, but just in case you haven't seen it yet: the Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 Broom at It, um, vibrates. Ahem. Be sure to read the customer reviews.

kare, kano, are, a(no)
meaning: he, that, distant goal
彼女 == kanojo == she, girlfriend
彼氏 == kareshi == he, boyfriend
Left radical is 'movement along a road', right radical is 'skin' (皮), acting phonetically to express 'distance'. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'He has moving skin, does that person!'
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