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Coq au vin is the food of the gods, assuming the gods aren't vegan


I now have a working dryer. The last guy to show up from Sears seems to have been their damage control expert, who discovered that the guys who had installed the new line for the dryer had installed a bad circuit breaker, apparently a very unusual occurrence. He replaced it with a good one, and the dryer works. Hrm. Shouldn't the original electricians have checked the voltage in the line after they installed it? I guess this sort of thing happens so rarely they don't have to.

So, I have working dryer. Life in the Sprawl is so exciting I could puke. But my dryer has moisture sensors, that detect when clothes are dry, and turn the dryer off at that point. It is a smart dryer. This is an improvement over my old, dumb dryer.

But what I really want is a dryer like reene's phone, Bluetooth-enabled, and TCP-IP linked, that can not only sense moisture, but create Excel graphs of moisture vs. time, and upload them to dynamic webpages so that all my friends can admire how perfectly my clothes are drying. I want a dryer that can create stultifying PowerPoint presentations of its clothes-drying activities, with bulleted lists and outlines, illustrated with clip art of my fashionable black t-shirts and preppy khaki pants, with embedded .avi's of the clothes tumbling round and round in the dryer in a hypnotic tarantella of cotton tighty whites dancing with olive drab polyester-blend scrub tops, wool socks doing the jitterbug with faded burgundy bath towels. I want the dryer to be able to talk to the stove, and the stove to talk to the dishwasher, and the dishwasher to make smalltalk with the toaster. I want them to giggle among themselves, and exchange confidences in IP packets, and run and hide whenever they see me coming. I want them to keep LJ's of their own, and refuse to add me to their friends lists.

I probably shouldn't have tried to make coq au vin and a carrot cake in the same morning, especially when I have to work tonight. But I did, and have enough time to spare to write this entry, and drink the leftover Cabernet Sauvignon while I watch another episode of Rahxephon. Joy!

It's been a long time since I made coq au vin, and I had forgotten how good it was. And oh, my, it was good. The sauce is miraculous. I found myself licking all the utensils before putting them in the sink to soak.

I'm not going to reproduce the recipe, because I got it here at LJ. It was posted by eryr to the Cooking group. Here it is. Make it soon. You won't regret it.

The carrot cake is to bring to work tonight, because the nurses bugged me to do it. It's been a while since I've brought anything in. And Dina has never had it, strange to say, although I've worked with Dina for years, and brought the carrot cake in many times. Ships that pass in the night.

meaning: heart, feelings
中心== chuushin == core, center
真心 == magokoro == sincerity
Original pictograph was of a heart. Henshall suggests remembering this kanji as a heart whose 'strokes' have been damaged by sylisation.: 'Heart shows stroke damage.'


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