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I am in dryer hell. Second dryer delivered today. Also doesn't work. Delivery guys say 240 volt service that was installed for dryer Monday must be at fault. Indeed, it seems unlikely I would get two dead dryers in a row. I stuck a voltmeter into the socket, and got back volts, so there's something electrical in nature going on in the socket, but I don't have the mad electrical skillz to know whether it's what the dryer needs. I've got two calls into the electrical guys' voice mail. No response in the last two hours. Ai. I'm running out of clean clothes.

I've got another couple of stories near completion, and will post them by and by, but that's it for the stories for a while.

I'm glad people liked the most recent one, but it wasn't what I had intended to write. What I had intended was something more like the 'Mad Assassin' story. I wanted to explore the idea of stories told in the manner of those found in books of ancient legend, say, Bulfinch, or folk tales like the Brothers Grimm. These stories tend to

  • have little dialog
  • have little description or sensory richness
  • be told in something very close to 3rd person limited POV
  • often be opaque with respect to the players' thoughts and motives, leaving wide scope for interpretation by the reader
  • often have events that are very violent or grotesque by modern standards
  • be devoid of humor
  • use language that is elevated and old-fashioned
  • assume conventional (for the time the story originated) moral standards

But some stories can't be adequately told in this style, and so I wound up writing something like 'The Clever Thief'.

I think these features are sometimes present in the original material (e.g., Grimm's tales), and sometimes are an artifact of the writer who condenses other works, e.g., Bulfinch condensing Ovid or the Elder Edda.

More about this later.

na(ru), na(su)
meaning: become, make, consent
天成 == tensei == (product of) nature, 'born (singer, artist, etc)'
成人 == seijin == adult
Original pictograph was a combination of 'exact' (丁) and 'halberd blade', the latter often meaning, in compounds, 'to make just so/exact'. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Become exact after trimming with halberd blade.'


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