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Pics 'n' stuff

Tagalong likes to lie on the mousepad, probably because she likes to be close to me when I'm at the 'puter. Which is sweet. But I'm trying to use the mousepad, which Tag doesn't understand. So, I took an unused pillow and put on the slide-out table-thingy for her to lie on.

She now lies on both the pillow and the mousepad. >.<

Me, second from the left.

Worship the word.

Some of your probably read Gizmodo, the gadget blog. Well, Gizmodo had me all stirred up over an NYT story that supposedly said that Circuit City was phasing out VCR's in favor of DVD players. Major paradigm shift. We all knew it was going to happen eventually, but what about TV time-shifting? DVD recordable technology just doesn't have much penetration, certainly not at the level of Joe Sixpack. Is everyone expected to buy TiVo? Do we need to drag HTPC's to ShoujoCon to show digisubs?

Turns out Gizmodo misread the article. CC is dumping movies on VHS for movies on DVD, not the players. Baka Gizmodo. Yes, VCR's will go away eventually, but not for a while.

My new dryer arrived yesterday. Dead. [long string of expletives deleted] New dryer Thursday. Meanwhile, I am stubbornly refusing to drag my wash to laundromat, and am wearing clean clothing from deeper and deeper in my closet.

su(mu), su(masu)
meaning: settle, finish, end
経済学 == keizaigaku == economics
済まない == sumanai == be improper
Left radical is 'water', right is 'alike' (斉), which "acts phonetically to express 'clear'." Henshall suggests taking right radical as 'writing/text' and an 'odd moon', and as mnemonic:'Text about odd moon seen in settled water.'


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