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Miyazaki's Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi, 'Spirited Away', will be in limited release in these cities on 9/20, according to

  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • Minneapolis
  • New York
  • Philadelphia (w00t)
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Toronto
  • Washington D.C.

Wider release in the same cities starts 9/28, and wide North American release 10/4.

Anyone up for the 9/20 showing in Philly with me?

I wrote 'nationwide' above (instead of 'wide North American'), before realizing the list of cities included those in Canada. But is there really any difference? Bash me if you want, but the differences between the US and Canada seem increasingly trivial. I can't imagine that we aren't drifting toward some sort of North American version of the EU, and ultimately towards political union. Except Quebec, of course, which has shown no sign of even wanting to join Canada.

The dryer is dead. Long live the dryer.

In my household the washing machine, the refrigerator, the stove and the dishwasher mourn, and comfort one another. The new dryer is making its way across Delaware County, drawing crowds of well-wishers in every town. Young girls strew it with flowers, mothers hold up their infants for the dryer to kiss. At every stop the mayor of the town reads a proclamation in support of the dryer, and the parish priest asks God's blessings for it to be a good and just dryer.

I expect it arrive in the capitol Monday, to the cries of adoring throngs.

a(u), a(waseru)
meaning: meet, join, fit
話し合い == hanashiai == discussion
気合 == kiai == scream, yell, fighting spirit
Original pictographic meaning controversial. Henshall suggests remembering it as a 'cap' (the top radical originally meant 'lid' or 'cover') and 'mouth' (口), and as a mnemonic:  'Cap fits mouth.'


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