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Hello Kitty, Juuni Kokki, WHR

YOU'VE probably heard of the Hello Kitty vibrator, and maybe even the attachments for the Hello Kitty vibrator (Immortal advertising copy: "Ummmm... It has a sponge thing, and a pointy thing, and a round thing. I'm not really sure what all the attachments are for...") but have you heard of the Mickey Mouse vibrator? Make all your fantasies of heavy petting with an immense cartoon rodent come true!

Oh, yes, and the Hello Kitty tarot cards. Ah, wrong show, guys. You're looking for Escaflowne. But still they're very cute.

All from WeirdCo, your source for weird products.

I've just watched episodes 7 and 8 of Juuni Kokki, and 9 is dl'ing as I type this. Ep. 7 is a major turning point in the show, and it's... thrilling. I'm definitely cheering for Youko now. 

Atashi wa... BAKEMONO DA!!!

You go, bakemono!

The show at this point seems to be about soulmaking, about how we respond to stress and to crisis, how we learn or mis-learn from experience. Episode 7 is reminds me of Episode 26 of Evangelion. The message in both cases may be more shocking or strange to Japanese than it is to Americans.

Watching it, I thought my bad opinion of the show's art from yesterday's review had been wrong... and then I realized that the quality of the art was changing from scene to scene. I can't explain it except to suspect that at least two teams of artists  worked on the show, one team very skilled, the other competent, but of average talent. When the art is good, it's very, very good, cleanly drawn, very detailed, with great use of light and shadow to sculpt form and support atmosphere and theme. When it's bad, it's just dull and flat, all the characters are crudely drawn with thick black lines around them. Strange.

Someone is going to license this show before long, but I'm afraid it will never get to American TV, except some stations in the Bay Area (sticks out tongue at dancingspring) or maybe Adult Swim. Too violent and too serious. My god, these girls are actually struggling with real issues of living a human life on earth, and our ethical relations with other people! Can't have that. It's just pitiful that Japanese kids get better TV entertainment than American adults do. Pitiful.

Oh, and episode 7 of Witch Hunter Robin is out from Rice-Box fansubs. Beautiful show as always, but just another witch-hunting episode. The high-level story arc and character development are proceeding at a glacial pace, if at all. Juuni Kokki had more plot and character in its first episode than WHR has had in seven. Such a shame, it's such a cool-looking show.

ta(tsu), ta(teru)
meaning: stand, rise, leave
国立 == kokuritsu == national
私立大学 == shiritsudaigaku == private university
Originally a pictograph of a person standing on the ground. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Person standing.'


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