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Attention: Anime FAQ needs writers!

'The Anime Primer, or, What Anime Should I Watch Now' is being revised by Rob Kelk. This is one of the primary anime FAQ's. It contains capsule descriptions of anime shows.

This FAQ had been abandoned by the previous maintainer for several years, and lacked descriptions for most current shows. Many of the descriptions of older shows are minimal, or just...wierd. Rob is soliciting new copy for many shows.

This is your chance for literary immortality! (Well, sorta.) If there's a show you know well and love that's on his needs list, write up a couple of paragraphs on it to introduce potential new viewers to it.

I've already spoken for Gunbuster, Kiki, and Iria. Zoi, how about Rose of Versailles? You seem to love the show, and a lot of people haven't seen it. Verthandi, how about SM?

Anyone else? Rob Kelk's want list has been posted to rec.arts.anime.misc, and to alt.anime.shoujo. Go get it!
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