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THERE are rumors from Comic Con that James Cameron (Terminator, Aliens, *cough*Titanic*cough*) is working on a live action version of Gunnm. This isn't exactly news, it's been whispered around ever since Fox acquired (now dead, but used to redirect to the main Fox site), and ADV lost (or sold, for some princely sum?) the rights to the Gunnm OAV's to some unknown party. But apparently Cameron actually said at Comic Con that he would start filming within two years. Still, hearsay and all. I don't know whether to be enthusiastic or scared. Cameron has huge talent for action movies. But his most recent effort, TV's Dark Angel, was a total mess. I tried to watch that thing for a couple of months, and finally gave up over the bad acting, bad writing, and political correctness of it all.

Cartoon Network is starting Inu-Yasha in its Adult Swim lineup, starting August 31st! *_* A post on raam says:

The tentative schedule is:
11:00 - Inu Yasha
11:30 - Yu Yu Hakusho
12:00 - Cowboy Bebop
12:30 - Gundam 0083
1:00 - Mobile Suit Gundam
1:30 - Outlaw Star

I tried to watch Yu Yu Hakusho for the first month or so, but it just seemed to be your usual fighting anime. "Oh, no, he's attacking me with his Heavenly Telemarketing Fireball! What can I do?!? Aaarrggghhh! [repeat several times] Finally, I summon my last reserve of strength and attack him with my Spirit Tupperware Explosion! I win!!!!!! But wait! He's getting up! I've barely dented him! He retaliates with his Super Decaffinated Thunderbolt! Aaarrggghhh! [repeat several times]". Etc., for 30 minutes minus commercials. Eh.

I've dl'ed the first IY episode fansub (worse divx quality I've ever seen, horribly pixelated). It's got a lot more fighting than I remember from the manga. Or maybe the fighting is just featured more prominently, they've changed the story around a little. But I'm definitely going to be watching it, at least to see how it goes. raam is all a-twitter over whether the bloodier fights will be cut. And I suppose we can look forward to a digital bra over Madam Centipede's breasts.


meaning: home, residence
お宅  == otaku == you, your house; seriously disturbed person
自宅 == jitaku == one's own house
Originally a pictograph of a roof enclosing a character meaning 'plant'. Henshall suggests taking the bottom radical as 'seven' (七) with a 'top', and the 'roof' radical, and as a mnemonic:  'Seven-roomed house with roof on top.'


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