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I lost my **** in San Francisco...

This was found on Slate:

San Francisco will pay for city employees' sex-change operations. In a 9-2 council vote the city became the first in the nation to add the insurance benefit, which will cover up to $50,000 per patient. Those filing claims would need a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria and would pay 15 percent out of pocket. Monthly insurance premiums for all current and former city employees will rise about $1.70. Supporters' spin: This is not cosmetic surgery; it's a profound medical condition. Opponents' spin: In addition to the employee premium increase, taxpayers will have to fork over nearly a million dollars to cover just a handful of operations. Why not cover liposuction for the obese?

Why? Because it's San Francisco, dummies! No one needs liposuction in SF, everyone there is already thin and beautiful, they just want to be a different sex!

It's Philadelphia that needs the liposuction. My local metropolis has the dubious honor of being the fattest city in the whole damned nation.

Me, I'm happy with my weight and sex. What should the taxpayers buy for me? Hmmm... I think I'd like a little pair of horns, like Darth Maul. Then maybe I could date female Maul fans, like the Darth Maul Estrogen Brigade or maybe a FeMaul, one of whom goes by the name 'Maul no Miko'.

Wait a minute lady. I think you've got a collision in your hash tables.
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