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MY mouse pointer has started disappearing when it passes over text. Like, now, when I'm composing this. The pointer reappears when it's over a button or menu item. Annoying. Win2K is very stable, but every once in a while it loses a peripheral, and has to be rebooted. It's lost the printer or the keyboard a couple of times, for example. I [wonder if this is | hope this isn't] related to the Win2K Service Pack 3 I just installed. Now there's a new, unwanted button on my task bar that wants me to dance with a wizard about automatic Windows updates. Don't wanna. Don't want automatic Win updates! One more background daemon to soak up clocks, one more buggy .dll to crash, or interact with other software in unpredictable and invariably adverse ways. Grrr.


I'd reboot now, except that I've been hanging out on IRC leeching digisubs, and I'm in a couple of longish queues for stuff like Rah Xephon and Juuni Kukki. Ack. It's terrible when your brain is torn by a fight between Greed and Fear.

Why couldn't the 12-year-old get into the pirate movie? Because it was rated 'Rrrrrr!' Thanks, Franca.

BTW, about that Ventresca de Bonito del Norte. I cracked the can the other night, and ate it neat, with just some pepper. It was good. US$12.99 per 4 oz. good? Nope. For any kind of product, there's price curve and a quality curve. Near the low end, they're both pretty linear. Pay more, get better quality. But at the high end, the price curve goes logarithmic, while the quality curve stays linear, and often flattens: tiny increases in quality at the margin come at huge increases in price. For example, a $20,000 car is probably twice as good as a $10,000 car. But a $40,000 car isn't twice as good as a $20,000 one, and the difference between a $200,000 car and a $100,000 car is tiny. Likewise, the difference between a 2.4 Ghz and 2.53 Ghz gigahertz Pentium 4 CPU (near the top of the current P4 speed range) is almost $300, which is ridiculous, for a difference in speed that will be completely unnoticeable except on artificial benchmarks. As they say, in buying a product, you can usually find a sweet spot that nets 80% of the top-of-the-line quality for 20% of the top-of-the-line cost.

Ventresca de Bonito del Norte is good, but not worth the money. If you want a luxury canned tuna, go for the regular Ortiz Bonito del Norte. It's still excellent, the best canned tuna I've ever eaten.


meaning: picture
映画 == eiga == movie, film
山水画 == sansuiga == landscape picture
Originally a pictograph of a hand holding a brush. 田 is 'rice field', the bottom radical indicates partitioning. The character apparently indicated the partitioning of land on a map. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Field in picture partitioned by strokes.'


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