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Meme alert

MEME alert:

Axe is a European men's deodorant/cologne that appears to be quite the meme in Europe, and all but unknown in the US. It claims to have unusual powers to attract women.

The product debuts in the US on 8/13. Regardless of whether it's any good, the 'Axe Effect' advertisements are cute, and I foresee a possible Absolut Vodka advertisement cult here, especially among Maxim-readers


meaning: counter for flat sheets
紙一枚 == kamiichimai == one sheet of paper
枚二枚舌 == nimaijita == duplicity
Left radical is 'wood' (木), right is 'hand holding stick', and at one time signified 'counting wooden sticks' as well. It may be that because of association with a certain type of thin flat wooden stick (used for goading horses), this character came to be associated with counting thin flat objects. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Hand holds thin flat wooden stick for counting.'


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