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The Candy Desk

MORE stuff I did not know:

One of my U.S. Senators, Rick Santorum, currently holds the candy desk (see very bottom of section) in the U.S. Senate. And I never even knew there was a 'candy desk'.

fu(ru), o(riru), o(rosu)
meaning: fall, alight, descend
降り == furi == rainfall, snowfall
降り注ぐ == furisosogu == to rain incessantly
Left radical is 'hill'. The right radical was originally a pictograph of two feet, i.e, feet descending a hill. Henshall suggests taking the top right radical as 'crossed legs', and the bottom right radical as a variant of 'well' (井), and as a mnemonic:  'Descend hill and sit crosslegged by well.'


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