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ShoujoCon video report

FINAL ShoujoCon follow up:

I was on the video committee this year, and pulled 10 two hour shifts in the video rooms. Comments on what I watched:

CLAMP Campus Detectives
    "Cute little bishies!" in the words of one viewer. Yeah, I guess. Way too cute and too bishie for me. I like CLAMP, but I have no interest in watching any more of this show.

Escaflowne movie
    Some people love it, some people hate it. I enjoyed it, but I think a lot of it wouldn't make sense if you hadn't seen the TV show. Not enough Merle. No tarot cards that I could see, which I always thought was a dumb idea to begin with. Hitomi is still just an observer of the main action. Looks older. Lost that 'propeller-beanie' hair style. Mecha were more evil/Evangelion-like. Animation was superb, much more detailed/higher cel count than the TV show.

Memoru in the Pointed Hat
    Old shoujo, subbed by TechnoGirls. Memoru and her people, who look an awful lot like gnomes, but are supposed to be stranded on Earth after their spaceship crashed, befriend Earth girl somewhere in Europe (Switzerland?). Harmless, mind-smashingly dull, and of no interest to anyone over the age of 6.

Vampire Princess Miyu, TV
    I've said before that I'm not all that crazy about this show, but there were a bunch of viewers in my room who liked it a lot.

Kodomo no Omocha OAV and TV
    The OAV (the script of which is sort of the first half dozen or so episodes of the TV show squeezed down to about 40 minutes) didn't fill up the 2 hour block, and when I asked the room what they wanted to fill up the block, they said "More Kodocha!". So I showed the first TV episodes. The viewers in my "Viewers' Choice" block also wanted Kodocha, and later that night I wound up showing it a third time, as well. It's a great show, but I am now thoroughly sick of the first four episodes of Kodocha. However, it's obviously an enduringly popular show, and the video committee is tossing around the idea of doing a Kodocha marathon next year.

Petshop of Horrors
    I had heard of this. Now I know not to buy it. Formulaic horror.

Hana Yori Dango live action movie
    A perfect example of why Japanese live action film (which a few glorious exceptions like Kurosawa) gets no respect. Horrid production values. Bad acting, incompetent lighting, lazy camera work, bad shot selection, dull editing... [sigh] The anime is so much better done. BTW, do all Japanese schools have flat roofs with patios? I think about every anime show I've seen that has schoolkids in it (which is most of them) manages to have scenes on the school roof. This one did, too.

Creamy Mami
    Maho shoujo. Yuu is a third-grader who meets some aliens in a spaceship that looks a lot like a bireme, who give her a [product-placement alert] compact that allows her to change into an older teenage girl who dubs herself Creamy Mami and becomes a pop idol. Cute alien cats accompany her. Character designs looks an awful lot like those of UY, probably because the TV designer was Takada Akemi, who also did UY. And KOR, and MI, although the show looks more like UY to me. Yuu is sort of a Kinomoto Sakura prototype, zipping about on skates (not in-line), wearing a helmet. Show is mildly amusing, but left me with no great desire to see more.

Tokyo Mew-Mew TV 1-4
    Magical catgirls. Or at least their leader is a catgirl, I'm not sure what the rest are. 'Mew Lettuce'? General flavor of the show reminded me a lot of SM, character designs were CLAMP-ish. The names of their attacks are just as endearingly dumb as in SM.

X TV and ?? trailer for TV
    I've read minimal amounts of the manga, and was having some trouble keeping the characters straight, but this looks very interesting. Great action, great character design, deliciously sinister flavor. Feathers everywhere.

Maho Tsukai Tai! TV
    I had seen the first TV ep of this before (still haven't seen the OAV's), and hadn't been impressed. So many underwear jokes I had assumed it was shounen. I watched a little of a couple of episodes later in the TV series, and liked it a bit better. There are still a lot of underwear jokes, though, and with the funny-looking male lead and cute female lead I'm still having a hard time believing this is shoujo, but that's what people say. I'm not sure I'm enjoying it enough to buy it.

Patarillo TV
    I hadn't seen this or even heard of it. It's farce. Patarillo is the dictator of the kingdom of Marinera in the South Seas, but also conveniently close to London (?!), which explains why his biseinen bodyguard Bancoran works for MI-6. High energy, bizarre, completely un-serious. Heavy shounen-ai, played for laughs (like everything else in the show) but nothing unfit for (Japanese) TV. The drawing of the characters' eyes in this show weirds me out. Even the cats have huge human eyes with long lashes. Creepy. The art reminds me vaguely of Aubrey Beardsley: Bancoran has swooshy hair down to his knees. So does his boy-toy. And there's the 'Patarillo Song', the ED, which seems to be a fan cult favorite. It involves the entire cast dancing and clapping. Very peculiar show. I wouldn't mind seeing more.

General agreement that this was the hit of the ShoujoCon video rooms, although it always seemed to be playing opposite of my shift in another room, so I only got to see part of one episode, and all I got out of that was some bishy band members hitting on each other, one wearing a sailor fuku. I have to watch more of it to decide whether I like it or not.

meaning: visit, seek, ask, hear (polite, humbles the speaker)
伺い事 == ukagaigoto == inquiry
伺い探る == ukagaisaguru == to spy out
Left radical is 'person' (人), right is 'administer/official' (司), acting phonetically ('SHI') to express 'observe'.  Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Official person visits and asks.'
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