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STUFF I did not know:

////////////// <== cat walked across keyboard. >.<

Where was I? Oh, yes, 'stuff I did not know'. Onward.

Most PC software that plays CDs, like Winamp or the MSFT Media Player, queries the on-line CDDB (Compact Disk DataBase) when you insert the disk, so that it can display the tracks with song names. CDDB, in turn, gets its information from voluntarily supplied user information, there's no central music industry depository of this stuff. Which explains why a couple of my Utena OST's weren't recognized.

Gracenote, the company that owns the CDDB, logs the requests it gets, and publishes 'Top 10' lists of what people are listening to. For example, here's the overall top 10.

Interesting that Hybrid Theory is still up there. The album's been out a year or so, hasn't it? And who is Utada Hikaru? She's at the top of the 'World' list, too.

via Kottke

waka(i), mo(shi)
meaning: young
若年 == jakunen == youth
若人 == wakoudo == young person, young man
Top radical is 'grass/plant', bottom is 'right' (右) . Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Plants on right are young.'


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