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Hurt toe follow-up

I'VE decided that my toe probably isn't broken after all. Even though it looks like hell, it just doesn't hurt enough. Whew. Crisis averted. Alert the media.

So all of you who have been worrying yourselves sick about my toe can go back to worrying about an asteroid hitting the earth in 2019, Hollywood cyberpunk mercenaries making legal dDOS and Trojan attacks on your PC, and what Heaven's just defined a moose can possibly mean.

Elsewhere in the news, I finally got around to buying a new keyboard. It's by Memorex, is black and silver (ick), and has a nice feel to it. US$19.95 at my local computer superstore. They had ones for as low as $8.95, but I didn't like the feel of the keys. I wanted one like my old Logitech which broke, but the only Logitechs available at the store had other funky stuff going on, like wireless connections or mice. Call me nuts, but I don't trust a keyboard that needs some atypical driver that runs a risk of not being recognized at boot time, leaving your PC completely unusable. Keyboards using the good ole' PS2 connector are always recognized, and if there's a problem you can at least get to the command prompt to try to debug it. And I dunno about wireless stuff. Do I really want to have to replace batteries every six months or a year? And be totally hosed if the exact type of battery doesn't happen to be in my kitchen battery drawer at the time? Sorry, but in terms of transparency and usability this trend seems to me to be going in the wrong direction.

I buy most electronics on-line these days, but at current keyboard prices, shipping charges would bump up the total cost by 50% or more, and you don't get to try out the hardware for finger-feel, which is important in a keyboard.

Mmm, I think I really like this new keyboard finger-feel, just the right balance between softness and resiliency.

meaning: summer
夏休み == natsuyasumi == summer vacation
夏祭 == natsumatsuri == summer festival
Top radical is found in many other kanji, and once signified 'head' or 'mask'. This character was once a pictogram of a masked man dancing. It is speculated that it came to mean 'summer' by association with summer festival dances. Henshall suggests and as a mnemonic: 'Masked head and crossed legs in summer dance.'


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