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ShoujoCon interim report

IT'S Day 2 of ShoujoCon, in the wee hours of the morning, after my "Milk Pocky" video room closed down. Only the "Strawberry Pocky" Viewers' Choice room and the Shounen Ai Love-in are still running. Viewer's Choice is running X-TV, and periodically getting drowned out by howls from the seething crowd of estrogen-crazed fangirls watching Boku no Sexual Harassment at the Love-in next door. I tried to watch that thing last year, and finally gave up after the infamous ear-of-corn scene. This year at least it's subtited, but I'll bet that doen't improve it. The last thing on the schedule is Legendj of the Blue Wolves, which Jellyn says is even worse, so here I am trying to update LJ instead.

I'm using the East Brunswick Hilton's 'Internet via TV' thing. $10 per 24 hours, noon to noon. Wireless infrared keyboard. Flaky. Keyboard is veeeerrrrrry slow, drops about ever 5th keystroke, shift keys are tiny, and easy to miss, 'Delete' doesn't do delete, it does backspace (is this the Bizarro Universe Unix or something?), there's no 'End' key, the 'Control' key doesn't seem to do anything... you get the idea. And no mouse. All page navigation by tab an arrow keys. It's painful to use. I blame it for all typos, even those I would have made anyway. Oh, and the browser resolution on the TV looks like it's about 320 x 280. Eeep. And there's no way to save your work, so I'm just posting every paragraph or so, then going back and editing, so this post is evolving as I write it. Must save now. Back in a moment.

So. I had intended to make this a longer post but the keyboard/browser interface is so painful I may cut it short.

1. Met reene. Was inducted into the cult of her phone. Its 256 colors! Its terrible blue teeth! Worship the phone! Ia! Ia! BTW, Reene did a great job with the dealer room. Larger room this year, which means fewer and shorter lines waiting to get in (none when I was there), and she still filled it with a full complement of dealers. Watching her use her spiked whip on some guy trying to sell Hong Kong bootlegs was very entertaining, too.

2. Bought two more SKU artbooks in the dealer room. I think I've got most of them now. US$75. Ouch. Saw a ton of the stuff in the dealer room that I didn't recognize, either the show or the characters. I've really gotten out of the loop in anime over the past year. Reene says I need to hang out in IRC and download digisubs if I want to if I want to stay current. I dunno. She says she does't know either. I just haven't heard of any new shows that really excite me, in a while.

3. Video presentation is a lot better this year than last year. Having our own AV guy, Tim Roberge, do the set-up rather than relying on a commercial company helped a lot. Also, getting the hotel to kill the lights in the front of the room, which last year washed out the screen, has made a huge improvement in video quality.

4. Overall, I think the video rooms have gone well, with no major screwup that I am aware of. Yay, VideoComm! Oh, I'm part of VideoComm this year, btw. I'm pulling ten 2-hour shifts in the video rooms.

5. I try to police my video room at the end of each day, picking up left-over food, cups, food wrappers, feathers...

Yes, all the room have feathers in them now. They look like the set of X. I've seen a several people in costumes with feathered wings, and the wings seem to shed... >.<

6. [REMOVED 7/22/02 02:51 in response to request on SAS mailing list not to discuss this event publicly. SAS will issue a statement.]

7. Con staff get to wear a special pink badge, but are also suposed to wear a large pink sash to identify themselves as staff. I don't know where this idea came from, but I don't think anyone is crazy about them. Some of the women have been wearing them as hair ribbons, but most guys don't have that option. Next year, I think staff ID item should be more dignified, serious, and businesslike.

I vote for large pink plastic cat ears.
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