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Failed recipe of the week

FAILED food of the week: a variant of the French potato salad I was complaining about lacking chervil for a few days ago. I made another version of it, without fines herbes, but with arugula, Roquefort, and walnuts. It wasn't bad, I polished off the whole recipe over the course of three nights, but it wasn't quite good enough to post here. I.e., it wasn't quite good enough for me to make it again, or serve to friends, which is my decision point for whether or not I post a recipe. The combination of walnuts, onions and sharp cheese is a good one, and one of my favorite pasta dishes also uses it, but in this case, I think the sharpness of the Roquefort overwhelmed the other flavors a bit. I may also have somewhat overcooked the potatoes. >.<

I still like the idea of potatoes in a mustard-y vinaigrette, and there are a couple of other versions of this recipe to try, but first, I think, a Salade Niçoise.

meaning: lose, error, fault
失敬 == shikkei == rudeness, disrespect
失礼 == shitsurei == rudeness, impoliteness
Henshall suggests taking this character a 'man' (夫) with a 'baton', and as a mnemonic:  'Man about to lose baton.'


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