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No chervil for you

FRESH chervil apparently cannot be had in the Philadelphia suburbs. I've got this recipe for French potato salad (no mayo, just potatoes and vinaigrette) that calls for fresh herbs, including tarragon, chives, and chervil. I've been to three supermarkets. No chervil, no tarragon (although I'm sure I've seen fresh tarragon for sale somewhere). Even Zagara's, which is supposed to be upscale and gourmet and all that, doesn't have it. Although it does have fifty-seven million different brands of flavored mustard. Sigh. Maybe if I lived in Center City Philadelphia I could find this stuff at the Reading Terminal Market. I'm sure that in NYC it's available everywhere. The streets are paved with gold there, so the gypsies who passed through my village this spring said. But there is no chervil to be had in the Philly 'burbs.

"Why do I live in such as pissant town?"

meaning: mutual, minister, aspect
首相 == shushou == Prime Minister
相談 == soudan == discussion
The left radical is 'tree' (木), the right radical is 'eye' (目). How this combination came to mean 'mutual' is said to be obscure. Henshall suggests as a memnonic:  'Ministers eye each other from trees'.


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