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THIS is very, very cool. Seen on lj_nifty: Brad has implemented the ability to add RSS feeds to your friends list. The front end is yet to be written, but for now, he's hardcoded into the LJ database slashdot, memepool, kuro5hin, plasticdotcom, and some others. Just add them to your friends list, and read them on your friends page! Wow. LJ as an aggregator.

meaning: send
放送 == housou == broadcast
見送る == miokuru == to see off
The left radical is 'movement' (止), the right-hand radical is part of 'royal we' (朕). Henshall suggests taking the top part of this radical as 'away' (八) and the bottom part as 'heaven' (天):  'Sent away from heaven.'.


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