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Janis Ian and the RIAA

JANIS Ian, a folk-y type singer from the 60's, has a web page up that reprints an article she wrote for Performing Songwriter magazine, commenting on the P2P music-sharing phenomenon, and concluding that except for a few megastars at the very top, it's probably a plus for the artists and the studios, in that it allows fans to sample their work, and is basically free advertising. Potential fans, she says, might be reluctant to fork out US$14.95 to buy a CD of an singer they didn't know, but don't mind downloading a song or three, and if they like the singer, will probably buy more of her stuff. She claims that after she has put her music up on the web for free download, sales of her albums increase. How cool is that?

The problem is getting the RIAA to understand this.

I found this link on the Daypop Top 40. Naturally, once I'd read her screed and nodded my agreement, I went to her main site. OMG. Look at her! Janis looks like your mom. She looks like my mom, at least, the way I remember my mom. She's as old as I am.

Understand, Janis Ian was a phenomenon of my youth. Her first big hit was "Society's Child," recorded when she was 15 years old, an agonized torch song about a romantic relationship between a white girl and a black guy, which was still pretty controversial in the mid-1960's. Janis was a poster-child for 60's youth: dewy, innocent, idealistic, deeply feeling, out to tell the truth, and change the world. Now she's fifty, and the world didn't change much. After her first megahit album, she never quite found her stride, although she did have one more big hit—"At Seventeen"—in the mid 70's, but not much after that. However... since then, she seems to have found a place for herself in the world. She's still singing, still performing, still selling records. She has a fanbase, and posts to her own message board with her fans. She was married, but now apparently has a female lover. She seems to be content. Go, Janis! But it's a shock seeing her at 50, when she will forever be 15 in my memory.

meaning: plant
田植え == taue == rice planting
植字 == shokushi == typesetting
The left radical is 'tree' (木), the right-hand radical is 'straight' (直), which seems to be the phonetic here: lots of other 'shaku' kanji use it as a radical. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Straight tree is properly planted'.

BTW, I'm interested in this kanji being used as part of 'typesetting' because I used to to be a typesetter myself. Many moons ago. In a previous lifetime. It's obvious why the kanji for 'character' is used as part of  'typesetting', but what typesetting has to do with plants I don't know.


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