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The music I want to hear hasn't been written yet.

"THE music I want to hear hasn't been written yet. And I'm going to write it." What music do you want to hear? What books do you want to read? What films do you want to see? What software do you want to use? What are you doing to make it so? A meditation on the brevity of life and the choices we make of how to spend our time on earth. 

'A Piece of My Mind' is a weekly feature in JAMA in which a physician or other medically-connected person discusses, in a non-technical way, an issue relating to medicine. These essays usually have to do with the vicissitudes of the human condition seen though a doctor's eyes, and usually revolve around personal experiences with strong emotional meaning to the writer. Most of JAMA is subscription-only, but APoMM seems to be a freebie. Well worth reading, IMO. Not all doctors can write well, and not all have something interesting to say, but every now and then, you come across a gem.

yo, yoru
meaning: night, evening
今夜 == konya == tonight
夜顔 == yorugao == moonflower
Henshall suggests taking the bottom left radical as 'person', the top radical as a hat, and the bottom right radical as a variant of 'moon', which it was at one time:  'At night person puts on top hat to view the moon'.


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