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WELCOME to July, which is National Baked Bean Month, not to be confused with January 6, which is Bean Day. July is also July Belongs to Blueberries Month, and National Ice Cream Month. I would have thought August would be National Ice Cream Month, but instead it's National Catfish Month, but includes National Ice Cream Sandwich Day and National Ice Cream Soda Day, both August 2, National Creamsicle Day (Aug.14),  National Spumoni Day (Aug. 21), and National Cherry Popsicle Day (Aug. 26). July includes National Caviar Day (Jul. 18), which seems downright un-American to me. Why, we don't even produce caviar in this country. Would you be outraged if the French, say, designated a day as National Strawberry Shortcake Day? Sure, you would.

All of this stuff comes from here, and although it's amusing, I wonder about its accuracy. Is September 29 really 'Poisoned Blackberry Day'? I can't find any reference to it on the net. And although July 29 (or 31) is listed all over the place as 'Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day', I can't find any explanation of what the heck that means, and all I can think of is people in grass skirts dancing insanely around an altar where a very frightened Edam or Gouda is tied to a stake.

Alt.religion.kibology helpfully has this explanation:

The ancient Greek city-states bought cheese in multi-ton lots as a joint sacrifice to Ceres, goddess of agriculture, and Hades, god of the underworld and commodities markets. Most of the cheese was distributed to schoolchildren[1], mendicants, and the elderly, and the remainder was dumped into meteorite craters in Tunisia. It was imagined that when Tunisia was full, Artemis would personally descend from Olympus to stow the rest on the moon, where the gods kept their own surplus, tinted green by the admixture of ambrosia. Legends arose of a future time when the accumulation of gases from fermentation would create a titanic explosion that would unmoor the moon from its accustomed track and send it hurtling through the heavens to distant worlds of wonder.

[1] As a component of the spicy, grape-leaf-wrapped beef-and-bean mixture known colloquially as a _byreton_, eaten at midday.

Thank you, a.r.k.

Oh, and today really is Canada Day. Best wishes and all to all my LJ friends in the Great White North, and to Canadian expatriates worldwide.


meaning: yesterday, past
昨日 == kinou == yesterday
昨夜 == sakuya == last night
Left radical is 'day' (日), right radical is a variant of 'make' (作), acting phonetically. (Possibly also indicates 'accumulate'/'build up'.) Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Past made up of yesterday and other days'.


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