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I have no idea what this dream meant. If anything.

I walked up to a large, warehouse-looking structure. It was night, and the exterior of the building was illuminated by floodlights. There was a padlock on the door, but it was unlocked. I released it, opened the heavy metal-clad door, and entered.

I was in a very large, open room. In front of me was a large, contemporary, expensive car, sitting raised above the floor a foot or two on a metal frame. It was a light bronze color, and very shiny. It was not the kind of car I would ever buy. I don't recall the make or model.

Behind this car, the rest of this very, very large room was filled with boats, sailboats, I think. They all had keels, and I think masts, though none were rigged. They were all perhaps 20 feet in length or so. They, too, were supported above the floor on congeries of white-painted metal rods. The floor itself was covered with an inch or so of tiny styrofoam balls.

From the back of the room, a strong wind began to blow. It lifted up the styrofoam balls and blew them into the air, past the boats, in the direction of the car at the room's front, where they blew around it like snowflakes in a snowstorm. I had the thought that this was some sort of advertising shoot, and that this was supposed to mimic a winter snowstorm.

Then all the boats began to turn. They had been mounted so that they could rotate around an axis in line with their masts. Even though each boat must have weighed a couple of tons, they all were turned by the force of the wind, and began to point toward the car at the front of the room. I remember images I had seen of wind chambers, in which little flags of cloth or plastic attached to pegs show how an airstream is deflected by, say, an airfoil. If you had been able to view the room from above, it would have looked sort of like that, with the boats acting like flags, pointing the direction of the wind.

Then I woke up.

The only person in the dream was me. I remember no strong emotions associated with the dream. I was interested in what I was seeing, that's all.

I have no fscking clue what this dream means. It's very unusual that I remember dreams at all, and this is the second one in a week or so that I recall.

Postscript: LiveJournal's spellchecker doesn't recognize 'congeries'. Bwahahaha! Silly spellchecker, learn this! Hrm. Doesn't even recognize 'airfoil' or 'airstream', both of which are probably used a lot more than 'congeries'. It also doesn't recognize 'fsck' as a verb, which is a little more forgivable.
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