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Ein speaks!

HAVE to share this. This is from an emergency medicine mailing list I'm on (EMED-L, out of UCSF, David English list owner, if anyone's interested.) Someone complained that their attorney billed them for the time spent reading and responding to e-mail. Well, I'm okay with that, I don't see that it makes any difference whether he responds by e-mail or snail mail, he can still bill for his time, if it's work-related. But Alan Clark, MD, another list member, had a different story about another lawyer:

A few years ago I called my attorney to invite him to my birthday party (I was living and in private practice in a small town- Peru, Indiana at the time). I could not reach him but was allowed to leave a message with his secretary to inform him that he was invited to my birthday party. How surprised I was to get a bill for 45 dollars "phone consultation fee" the next month. did not even come to my party. 

That's okay, his wife shot him in the head a year later. It took the Indiana State Police another two years to convict her because she had the gun hidden in a teddy bear in her bedroom.

I can't read 'That's okay, his wife shot him in the head a year later' without breaking into giggles. Oh, I'm sick. Still, he sounds like the kind of guy who gets shot by his wife, doesn't he?

Ein speaks!

tsura(naru), tsu(reru)
meaning: lead, accompany, row
連中== renchuu == party
連絡船 == renrakusen == ferry
Left radical is 'movement', right is 'vehicle' Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Accompanied by row of moving vehicles'.


meaning: borrow, rent
借金 == shakkin == debt
借家 == shakuya == rented house
Left radical is 'person', right is 'past'. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Person who has borrowed in the past'.


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