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Sue Ellen Wooldridge is deputy chief of staff for Interior Secretary Gale A. Norton. Among the other qualifications for her job, she may be the only chief of staff appointee who has ever castrated a sheep with her teeth. </font>Good training for Harvard Law School, she was asked? "Absolutely," Ms. Wooldridge replied.

The World Cup Bra. And panties. Work-safe if you're nichevo, I guess.

Found on The Cellar's Image of the Day.  

I don't think on-line petitions are worth much anymore. If they ever were. We just had the 'Rename Tolkien's The Two Towers' silliness, but take a look at this petition's signatories. It's a typical anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian rant, trying to get the Canadian government to force Israel to pull out of the occupied territories. The first 1700 signatures are probably legit, and the names are 99% Arab. But then it gets weird. For example, 'O. B. Laden' comments:

Death to America! Death to Israel! Death to Sharon! Death to Bush! Death to Adam Sandler! Death to my second wife! Death to my third wife! Death to my eleventh wife! Death to that lousy two-timing camel who won't even call me after that great weekend we had on the French Riviera! Death to Tom Selleck! Death to Ronald McDonald! Death to that stupid shrink-wrap that I can never get off the CD jewel cases! Death to Britney Spears for never giving an RSVP when I invited her to my last birthday party!
The petition has basically turned into a webboard.
meaning: early, fast
早口 == hayakuchi == rapid speech
早朝 == souchou == early morning
Top radical is 'sun'; bottom radical is 'cut/break', originally meaning 'sun cutting through the darkness'. Henshall suggests taking the bottom radical '10': 'Sun shows 10 but it's still early'.


a(ku), a(keru), hira(ku)
meaning: open
開始 == kaishi == a beginning
開発 == kaihatsu == development
Outer radical is 'gate', inner bottom radical is two 'hands', reaching out to remove a bar, i.e., opening the gate. Henshall suggests: 'Hands remove bar and open gate'.


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