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Bard rant

I hate bards, they're such twits. When I played Baldur's Gate for the first time, I go so fed up with Garrick constantly exclaiming "Life... is glorious!" that I left him at bottom of the Nashkell mines, and picked up the depressive elven enchanter Xan, whose constant moaning was preferable to Garrick's intolerable good spirits. And now, in Shadows of Amn, I just made a nerve-wracking trip to the Planes to rescue a tiefling (part demon) bard (technically, a subspecies of bard, called a 'blade') named Haer'Dalis, who was talked up by the player manual as being difficult to find, but well worth the effort.</font>

And what do I get for my trouble? A guy with a faked-up Hollywood actor accent (think of Vincent Price or Sidney Greenstreet in an ascot and smoking jacket, really camping it up), who keeps hitting on Aerie, the sweet, waif-like, but hopelessly naive elven cleric/mage in my party, who comes equipped with a couple of hot-rod planar swords, two proficiency points in dual-wield, and 'offensive spin' and 'defensive stance' special abilities, but who has a has a CON of 9 (!), resulting in the HP of a mage for chrissakes, and whom I can't keep alive in battle to save my soul. I mean, when the name of your class is 'Blade', you'd think you'd be able to FIGHT WITH A BLADE, wouldn't you? But NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Sigh. So I've got him moping along at the rear end of the parade with the mage and cleric, where he can hit on Aerie to his heart's content, play his damned harp, throw the occasional spell or dart, and fight a little towards the end of a battle after the tanks up front have attracted most of the mob's attention. What the hell. The guy's an entertainer, you expect them never to be as good as their notices and their agents swear they are, and to hit on anything in a skirt.

Hi. My name's Slithy, and I'm an RPG crackhead. Shadows of Amn arrived from a week ago, and that's why I haven't updated LJ. I have been eating, sleeping, working, and playing Shadows of Amn. It is indeed a very good game, better than the original Baldur's Gate, which got several Game of the Year awards. It's been out about a year. Very entertaining game. I'll be talking about it for a while. If I can stop playing it long enough.

meaning: cold
寒気 == samuke == chill
寒暖計 == kandankei == thermometer
Origin is 'somewhat obscure'. The top radical is 'roof/cover'. Henshall suggests taking the crosshatch as the radical for 'well', and the bottom strokes as a variant on 'six': 'Building's six wells ice over in cold'.


meaning: heat
熱力学 == netsurikigaku == thermodynamics
熱帯 == nettai == tropics
Bottom radical is 'fire'. Left radical is 'mound of earth', right is 'round'. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Earthen mounds round fire become hot'.


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