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Grand Canyon pics

THE Grand Canyon, up close and personal. Start with the series of photos titled 'Royal Arch Trip'.

Majestic photos from the rims of the Grand Cañon of the Colorado are a dime a dozen. (And there are some of them here as well: see the 'Sun, Apr 14' link.) But what is unusually interesting about this series of photos is that the photographer, canyoncat, has documented a backcountry hiking trip into the canyon, taking photos every hundred yards or so, it appears. These photos present a view that is usually only accessible to the hiker. They reveal the texture of the inner canyon, a place that is varied and beautiful, arid and unforgiving, and very different from the canyon as seen from the rim. I've done a couple of hundred miles of backcountry hiking in the Canyon, and these photos make me homesick, so to speak. Canyon Cat also owns the Grand Canyon Explorer website, a tremendous resource for anyone thinking about hiking in the canyon. I had discovered the Grand Canyon Explorer a few years ago (it comes up near the top on a Google search for 'Grand Canyon'), and I was tickled pink when Canyon Cat appeared on my 'friend of' list a few months ago.

omo, nushi
meaning: master, owner, main
主人 == shujin == husband
主要 == shuyou == principal
Originally a pictograph of an ornate oil lamp. Henshall suggests taking it as the kanji for 'king', and a 'bit': 'king with bit extra is real master'.


Godai has accompanied Kyoko and her father-in-law to the Otonashi family gravesite, but he doesn't understand the importance of the visit. "Um, whose [grave] is this..." he asks.

"主人 です の"  ("Shujin desu no"): "It's [my] husband's," she replies, rocking Godai's world.

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