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I am dying, Logitech, dying

My mouse is dying. ;.;

Yeah, yeah, compared to the problems in the Mideast or global warming or hoof and mouth disease, this is small potatoes, but it's annoying.

For the last week, I've noticed that I've been having trouble scrolling the scroll bars on web pages. The mouse pointer would sort of 'come off' the scroll bar. It would continue to move, but the scroll bar would stop, and I would have to move the mouse back and re-grab the bar. Annoying. IRQ conflicts? Checked, nope. Hard disk thrashing, chewing up clocks? Nope.

Then my PC seemed to 'freeze' for a minute or so before coming back to life. Virus? Checked, nope. I even tried reinstalling the mouse drivers. No improvement.

Then I noticed that when it 'freezes', the right mouse button works perfectly well. So does the keyboard. But I use the fscking mouse for so much, it felt as if the entire PC was freezing. Nope. Just the mouse button.

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. I remapped the middle button — it's a three-button mouse — to 'click/select', and it works fine. I just have to remember to use the middle button, which I don't often.

Now, I've killed lots of mice before, but I've never had a button fail. They always die in the ball. You roll the thing, and the pointer doesn't move on the screen, or moves jerkily. If you de-lint it, and that doesn't solve the problem, it's time to replace the mouse. I think I didn't initially recognize it as a mouse problem because no mouse had failed in this way before.

So it's new mouse time. The old mouse is a Logitech WingMan gaming mouse. Nothing special, just a good 3-button mouse. And Logitech seems to have discontinued it. I really don't want a fancy-schmancy, cordless, optical, wheeled, track-ball-enhanced, translucent case Mouse of the Gods. Just another functional three-button mouse, by Logitech. (For some reason, Microsoft mice seem to get gummed up with lint constantly, in my experience.)

And Logitech no longer seems to make them. Ouch.
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