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Tigerskin rug

FOR some reason the other night, I was thinking about a beautiful naked woman lying on a tiger-skin rug. Then—oh, call me sick if you want—I stopped thinking about the woman and started thinking about rug.</p>

Women lying on rugs made out of the skins of large carnivores were a staple of 1950's and 60's erotica. That time has passed. I can't even find a good image of a woman on a tigerskin rug on the web. What is considered erotic changes with time, of course, and yesterday's erotica just seems silly today, but part of the reason the tigerskin rug has vanished is that it represents exploitation of an endangered species. Tigerskin rug = dead tiger = bad.

So the thought came to me: why not breed tigers?

Hear me out on this one. Cows aren't endangered even though we eat an awful lot of them every year and wear their hides on our feet. Pine trees aren't endangered even though we print an awful lot of book and newspapers and magazines on their dead bodies. Catfish aren't endangered. Wheat isn't endangered. Why? Because we grow all of these things like crazy, because we use them.

Why do tigers need to be endangered? If people like tigerskin coats and rugs and there's a market for tiger yang in China, for god's sake, why not breed the damned things? Why do they need to be endangered? Same thing goes for elephants. If people want ivory, why not breed elephants like cattle? The more rare they are, the higher the black market price will go, and the more likely poachers are to kill them, making them even more rare, the the vicious cycle continues. Break the cycle! Breed the tiger! Bring the price down! Tigerskin rugs for all!

This has happened throughout human history. Raising animals and plants in captivity was how the human race went from a 'hunting and gathering' culture to an agricultural culture, which threw off enough excess wealth to allow civilization to grow. It's happening with fish right now. The oceans are getting fished out, and commercial fish breeding operations are ramping up. The catfish mentioned above are an example (catfish are a very popular food item in the American South), but ocean fish too are being raised in pens.

Breed tigers! Breed bears! Breed rhinos! Let every house have a tigerskin rug in it! (Except for vegetarians' houses, of course.)

Now, all I need is a date to go on my politically correct tigerskin rug.

You know how bad a feeling it is when you find out you have to work a shift you didn't realize you had to? You were counting on some time off, and oh, shit, you have to work! Dammit!

Well, the opposite just happened to me. I thought I was going to have to work a shift tonight for a colleague who couldn't make it (sick relative), but I just found out he made other arrangements. W00t! And I say w00t again! Kimochi ii!

ie, ya, uchi
meaning: house, specialist
漫画家 == mangaka == manga artist
武家 == buke == warrior family
Top radical is 'roof/building', bottom is 'pig'. Henshall suggests as mnemonic: : 'House looking like pig-sty'.


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