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Philadelphia Flower Show, 2002

FRIENDS and I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show back in March, and I've been meaning to post these pictures but have been a slug about it. So, here they are. The Philadelphia Flower Show, BTW, is one of the largest flower shows in the nation, and draws a nationwide, and even worldwide attendance, and a worldwide submission of exhibits.

A fairly typical exhibit. Classically-attired statuary and fluted columns are perennial favorites. Notice the orange gerbera (foreground) and rose-colored tulips (background) blooming at the same time, a fantasy if I ever saw one.
Every year there are certain flowers that are hot. A decade ago, the Stella d'Oro daylily was all the rage. Now that it's sold in Wal-Mart, all the flower-forward people have moved on. This year, this snapdragon in shades of salmon and rose was everywhere. Sorry, don't know the cultivar name.I like snapdragons when other people grow them. I resent any flower that has to be staked, and when it's an annual that demands that treatment, it just adds insult to injury. I tried to grow Stella D'Oro, and it's a great flower, but my deer treat daylilies like their own private salad bar.
'Extreme catering'! This table is decorated with a huge vase of cut flowers, lots of big candles, and ... nuts. Lots and lots of nuts. Other tables in the same exhibit were strewn with machine bolts or washers. The sponsoring exhibitor was a high-end caterer. Did they really set up tables like this for clients? I asked. The rep replied that they had done some unusual dining designs, but nothing quite this unusual. This company, like many exhibitors, goes for shock value, hoping the public will remember the company, even if they don't want the tables at their daughter's wedding reception covered with bolts. Sort of like car companies exhibiting 'concept cars', I guess.

If ever I find myself living in a nostalgie de la boue
fantasy of Appalachia, I certainly hope it looks like
this, with flowers emerging from every object,
including the washtub, even from the blue jeans
hanging on the clothesline.

Large scale non-commercial flower arranging is one of those arts that you might never know existed, unless you were an aficionado. Not ikebana, but Western-style flower arranging. This is one of a number of exhibits of this type. This arrangement is big, about 7 feet high. It represents 'The Internet'—note that the flowers are emerging from a monitor, and the circuit board schematic in the background.
A pull-out-the-stops exhibit: a carpenter-gothic painted-lady type house, with surrounding garden and walks, all built in-place at the show.

I really like bonsai, but it takes a lifetime, or two, to grow it properly. And then, after 50 years of root-pruning and branch wiring your tree, some idiot from the Anything Goes dojo bounds off a rooftop into it and smashes it to pieces.

And here are Cindy and Paul, the friends I went with, whom I hadn't seen in too many years. Sorry you're blurry, guys. I should have used flash instead of trying to shoot with existing light and longer exposure time. It really was great to see you again, though!


meaning: materials, measure, charge
料金 == ryoukin == charge, fee
料理 == ryouri == cooking
Left radical is 'rice', right is 'measure'. Henshall suggests as mnemonic: : 'Measure of rice has fixed charge'.


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