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Maybe this is the kind of advice I need to date more successfully. Only... I actually do this, and it's not working. Maybe I need to date autistic women? Maybe it's that I didn't buy her a 'coke'.

Flash version of the Fuck Her Gently video. Sweet, cute, funny, and even kind of politically correct. But NOT SAFE for work, parents, or pretty much anything else. Warning: slow load over a modem connection. I think I want to date the Devil Girl. She looks like the Devil Girl Next Door that every boy wants to marry. Of course, once you marry her, she morphs into the Devil Soccer Mom. I know a couple of Devil Soccer Moms. I'm not naming names.


A hecatomb is the sacrifice of a hundred head of cattle, a standard unit of cattle sacrifice in the ancient Greek world. Modern English lacks words for standard units of animal sacrifice. Maybe we need ANSI to develop some. After all, some religions still perform animal sacrifices.

When a Santerian sacrifices a chicken, it's a 'sacrifice' in the religious sense, but not really in the economic sense; it costs no more than buying chicken for dinner. But a hundred head of cattle isn't just a symbolic gesture, in ancient times it represented the loss of a huge amount of wealth. What compelled them to do that? What is the motivation behind that kind of sacrifice? What is the motivation behind any kind of intentionally inflicted injury? What is the motivation when people cut themselves?

Cutters say that it represents release of tension. Until the next time. Maybe it's also expiation for perceived sin; certainly most cutters don't seem to be happy. The cutting phenomenon seems to be growing, and growing in respectability. This can't be a good thing.

It may be a way of dealing with perceived guilt. We really have no other way to do this. The Roman Catholic church has a mechanism for this: you confess your sins, do penance, and you are forgiven. But I can't think of any other similar mechanism outside the church, and certainly none in secular society.

Society and culture should provide some way of dealing with guilt. We need a blue-ribbon commission on the issue. With subpoena powers.

-sama, zama
meaning: polite suffix, situation, appearance, way
お父様 == otousama == (respectful) father
皆様 == minnasama == everyone
'Obscure'. Left radical is 'tree'. Right radical is now obsolete as a character; Henshall suggests remembering it as a combination of 'sheep' (top part) and 'water' (bottom part): 'Sheep appears to water tree: awkward situation'.


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