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Disrespecting the Bing

Neologisms make some people nuts, but I love them. I love to watch the English language evolve. Take a look at this story on Slate about the phrase Disrespecting the Bing.

Think it will catch on? I don't know. The Sopranos is popular among the intelligentsia, the folks who read (and write for) Slate, the NYT, Salon, The Washington Post, etc., etc. But in terms of actual viewership, it's not that big. It's only on HBO on cable, which a lot people just don't subscribe to. It's violent and sexy, and there is a huge, very conservative, very religious demographic out there in America which just doesn't like this kind of entertainment. So a lot of people are just not going to hear 'Disrespecting the Bing' at all.

Unless all the pundits and columnists and network talking heads and sportscasters start using the phrase and it enters the public language space. Which they may. They all watch The Sopranos, after all.

The other thing I wonder is whether the meaning the author of the Slate article attributes to the phrase will stick. "Avoiding blame for a major sin by confessing to a minor sin" is just something you don't see that often. Unless you practice criminal law. Or politics. My guess is that the meaning will be rounded down, so to speak, to mean 'disrespecting'. Which is itself a neologism, come to think of it.

I love to watch language evolve.
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