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Resolutions: update

ON January1 I posted my New Year's resolutions. Everyone posts resolutions, but no one ever follows up on them. Except privately. When they feel guilty for not doing them. Not losing 60 pounds. Not learning to speak flawless French. Not running 20 miles a day.

This year, I tried to make resolutions I felt I had at least a snowflake's chance in hell of keeping, and that I genuinely wanted to keep. So a little more than a quarter of the way through the year, how am I doing?

1. Less net, read more books.
I'm making a little progress on this. I've about stopped reading Usenet, which is a vast wasteland. OTOH, I'm not hearing about new anime, not reading rec.arts.anime.misc. I've finished only two of the books on my reading list, but at least that's better than I was doing. I'll post reviews of them here soon.

2. Anime music video
I've been working on this for the last month and a half, but have been continuously tripped up by technical issues with my Pinnacle video capture card and software.

3. Finish home theater
The architect finally got my plans done. I need to review them, and start arranging for a contractor.

4. Show up for work on time.
    Why is this so hard? I'm still showing up 5 or 10 minutes late every day, which is just irritating. Why is it so damned hard just to get up that much earlier? Why? Why? It's such an absurdly silly sin.

5. Eat more vegetables.
    Eh. No progress, but no regress. I've been exercising more, and my weight, which had been creeping up, is now creeping down. Been eating Healthy Choice entrees for dinner, which counts towards 'healthy foods', if not exactly towards vegetables.

6. Learn a kanji a day.
    I have been keeping up with this. (Missed the last couple days because of a hectic schedule, and unexpectedly having to fill in for an colleague whose child fell ill.) But nothing stays remembers if it's not used. I want to learn kanji so I can read manga in the original language. I will just lose whatever kanji I've learned if I don't put them to use. Must start reading manga, even though it's going to be reaching for the dictionary multiple times a page for a while.

7. Volunteer to work ShoujoCon.
    I did this, and I've been on their mailing list, but I've never spoken up and introduced myself. Bad Tove. Partly natural shyness, partly that I've never worked a con before. Will rectify today. 

8. Plant a rose garden
Not this year, sorry. Too busy with other stuff. Maybe I can get the ground prepared to put in rose bushes next spring.

These aren't great dreams. Nothing like 'Write my novel', or 'Start my company'. But they were intended to be things that I was dissatisfied that I wasn't doing, and felt that I could fix if I just put forth the effort. So far, well, I'd give myself a C+, maybe a B.

meaning: whole, completely
全部 == zenbu == all
全社 == zensha == entire company
Top radical is 'roof/cover'. Bottom radical is 'jewel', but similar to kanji for 'king'. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'King completely under cover'.


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