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Asian food cooking supplies

Supermarkets in suburban PA are unreliable sources of Asian food staples. They've got US commercial ramen, soy sauce, decent sesame oil, bean thread noodles, and wonton wrappers in the refrigerated section, but beyond that things get hairy. Only one (lousy) brand of oyster sauce. Maybe five-spice powder, maybe not. And fermented black beans? Forget it.

All of this is available at Chinese groceries in downtown Philadelphia, but that's a l.5 hour drive for me, plus parking and shopping time... it's pretty much of a half-day or more expedition just to get a few cooking items. So, I've been looking for stuff on-line.

I just discovered Asia Foods and Oriental Pantry. The prices at Asia Foods seems a little better, but the selection at Oriental Pantry is better. I just ordered from Asia foods.

Lee Kum Lee oyster sauce! Wow, I had despaired of ever finding this outside of Chinatown. Probably the best oyster sauce available in the US.

Chajang Myun ramen. Korean. Comes with packets of sauce mix, dehydrated vegetables (only a tiny amount of flakes), and vegetable oil. Costs about 90 cents. Not bad, but not great. Sauteeing whatever veggies you have in the fridge and adding them, plus some sesame oil makes it a lot better. But I wonder if I could get pretty much the same thing with my own noodles, some soy sauce and the other ingredients. What's the name of the kind of noodles that come with ramen, anyway?

Kasugai roasted hot green peas. Yep, they're hot, it's the wasabi. You definitely don't see snacks made with wasabi in the US. ^_^;; Not bad. Don't try to munch down on a mouthful of more than four at a time.

Glico brand pocky. Never had pocky before. This particular variety is chocolate covered. Not bad. Kind of addictive. Very addictive, in fact: they're almost gone already.

5-spice mix: No idea how this is, haven't used it yet.

Steamer for making steamed dumplings. I had forgotten how good steamed Chinese dumplings (or potstickers, in their steamed -> sauteed version) were until I had some recently. Ummmmm. Gotta try some recipes myself. Now I have the equipment for it.
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