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I had a dream...

It was almost 18 hours ago now, and I didn't have the chance to write it down, so it's almost all gone...

My dream involved huge square rooms with low ceilings, lots of stainless steel, lots of flashing lights and computer-y kinds of stuff. Tracks sunk into the floor. Sort of a cross between the baggage claim area at a large airport, and a Quake II deathmatch level. And there was a threat, an invader, something coming that I had to tell everyone about. It's out there, it's coming here, you must be aware, it's dangerous, listen to me, this is important, I have to warn you.

It has something to do with werewolves.

Oddly, the dream wasn't frightening. There was an intense pressure to do something, an obligation I had to fulfill, but there was no fear. It was just a very important mission that I had to do. Eventually the werewolves showed up. I don't remember what they looked like, but they were something of an anticlimax.

Maybe it was Lobelia that set me off. But she wasn't in it. And I don't remember what the werewolves looked like.

And it was in color. Which is unusual. I didn't think I dreamed in color. I can't remember any other dreams I have had that were in color, and in general, I remember very few dreams at all. But this one was in color, I'm sure of it.

And that's all.
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