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No more vinyl!

Better buy that black vinyl dom outfit you've had your eye on before it's too late! Salon Magazine reports that vinyl may be banned.

April 24, 2001 | Some polymers never stray from the vast but unassuming plastic industry, and others make their way out into the wider world, becoming so beloved that people incorporate them into their sex lives. The European Commission now wants to outlaw one of the most popular and most dangerous of these.

Health and environmental risks could have PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic banned in Europe within two years and, according to News of the World, the imminent disappearance of vinyl, one of many PVC products, has fetishists furious.

For the full article, please go here.

Salon's spin on this story is the sex angle (of course, this is Salon, after all) but this might be problem for DJ's too. Although, I read that there are some new CD players on the market that will allow the DJ to resample a CD in real time the way they now do manually with vinyl.
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