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THE plans for my planetarium home theatre finally arrived from the architect. Yay! The architect had a hard time understanding why I wanted to have red touring cars come up out of the floor.

Now that the directory functions in LJ are back, 'search by interest' is working. It gives you a list of the LJ users who are closest to you in their interests, with extra points for sharing unusual interests. Of the 150 names it spits out for me, only two were known to me before: insomnia at #19, who is LJ's business manager, and... dancingspring, at #76. Wai! Hi, Zoi! None of the rest of my friends list made the cut.

I don't know how well this thing is working. I dipped into the first few names on the list, but I'm not sure I feel much affinity there. Insomnia, though, seems like an interesting guy, and I'm adding him to my friends list. I'd read his posts to places like lj_biz before, but hadn't read his own LJ.

BTW, this item was posted to the lj_nifty community, which comes up with interesting things from time to time. Consider subscribing.

Degrees of LJ Separation.


meaning: year of age (suffix), talent
tensai == genius
gosai == five years old
Originally depicted a dam across a stream. Henshall suggests the mnemonic: 'Funny dam built by talented one-year-old'.


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